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EyeContact presents thoughtful and accessible art reviews, on line discussion and art world information. The content on EyeContact is exclusive, and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing art scene.

We received almost 300,000 page views in the 12 months to May 30th 2017. This is growing, and some months it is as much as 10,000 page views a week. Our visitors are 56% returning which indicates a stable core audience along with a good amount of newcomers in the 44% balance.

Advertising: Position & Style

Our advertising positions are shown in the screen shots on the right. There are three main traffic pages on the site where advertisements appear, and each page has advertisements in rotation on the Homepage, the Review page, and the Guide page.

Should advertisers wish to discuss a customised advertising presence then EyeContact looks forward to hearing from you.

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Advertising in The Guide

The Guide consists of listings which provide an information resource. As well as being accessed in the Guide, they are also integrated into the reviews when relevant via a slider on the page. Therefore the listings can easily referenced by readers for key info. We recommend extending the reach of your listing by adding a link to your website for a very low rate of $1 a week.

Sitewide Header Banner Advertisement

A header banner advertisement can be inserted into the top of all pages. This is a high profile position suited to specific marketing purposes. The size is 960 x 250 pixels. A smaller version is also available and this is shown to the left in a screen shot. The specifications for this are 230 x 160 pixels

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Premium Sidebar Advertisement

A premium advertisement can be inserted into the top of the right hand column. This is a high profile position suited to specific marketing purposes. The size is 230 x 110 pixels.

Standard Advertising

Ads are run in random rotation across three main site areas: Home, Reviews and Guide. The ads are made up of an image - 100 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall. To make things a little more interesting, there’s a text title of up to 35 characters and up to 80 characters of accompanying text.


It is $44.95 a week for a Standard advertisement, exclusive GST.

The Premium advertisements are priced as required.

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